Nexus provides connection design services for both commercial and industrial type projects. We take pride in providing connection design services as per AISC (ASD & LRFD) specifications along with steel detailing as an integrated project deliverable. We are capable of designing connections simple to complex and all types of connections including shear, moment, bracing and truss connections. We have a PE on board who supervises and executes the connection design activities.

We have developed our own in-house connection design applications that incorporates the latest requirements from AISC specifications, Design Guides and Engineering Journals for all the different types of connections. In addition, we employ commercially available soft wares such as Descon & SCS to aid in our design activities. We have well-defined process for verifying and validating the application we use.

Nexus can provide PE stamping in below listed states in USA.

  • Georgia – GA
  • Florida – FL
  • South Carolina – SC
  • North Carolina – NC
  • Alabama – AL
  • Illinois – IL
  • New York – NY
  • Michigan – MI
  • New Jersey – NJ


  • Louisiana – LA
  • Texas – TX
  • Maryland – MD
  • Tennessee – TN
  • Kansas – KS
  • Kentucky – KY
  • North Carolina – NC
  • South Carolina – SC
  • Colorado – CO
  • Pennsylvania – PA
  • Indiana – IN
  • Mississippi – MS
  • Iowa – IA
  • Virginia – VA
  • West Virginia – WV
  • Wisconsin – WI
  • Massachusetts – MA
  • Idaho – ID
  • Florida – FL

In addition, Nexus can provide SE stamping in Illinois & Utah in USA. Also, P ENG stamping capability in Alberta & Ontario in Canada.


Nexus uses Trimble Tekla Structures to provide steel detailing services for industrial and commercial steel structures. Our steel detailing services include preparation of Erection drawings; Preparation of Detail drawings & Gather/Part sheets; Preparation of customized reports as per customer requirements. Generation of NC, DXF, KSS, EJE, SDNF and IFC files.

  • Nexus has built several in-house applications using Tekla API to ensure consistency in the quality of our deliverables. Our well experienced 3D modelers are constantly giving feedback for developing applications based on new requirements and lessons learned from the existing projects.
  • We follow well defined work flow processes and check lists that ensures quality.
  • We use BIM in the checking process in order to visualize and understand the structure, design connections more effectively and efficiently by anticipating the fabricability and erectable issues.
  • We share Updated BIM with the clients on a regular basis for overall project co-ordination.